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Welcome to Officiency!

Officiency is an office management and business development company based in the north-east of England. The concept behind the company is to help other companies help themselves. Our expertise in computing, networking, design & marketing allows us to take a fresh look at any business and make positive improvements enabling you to spend more of your time doing what you do best - managing your business.



IT Networks & Installations

At Officiency, we recognise the importance of an effective network. If your IT works for you, your employees can be more productive and reach goals faster. Officiency offers you a range of networking facilities - whether it is for file and printer resource sharing or full client / server services. Additional benefits are Mail, Web and FTP servers which give full control to your management to the way you receive and send your information.

Branding & Web Design

Officiency specialises in branding, web design, logo design and graphic design for print. We believe in making good, well thought out and hard working creative available to everyone – not just big companies that can afford big agency budgets. Our aim is to work with you rather than for you, so we can fully understand you and your company and deliver creative work that really fits your organisation’s personality.

Telephone Systems

Officiency provide a quality range of phone systems to cater for any size of business from Home/small office through SME up to corporate networks.